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PostgresqlTargets hold the connection information to PostgreSQL data sources.


      - name: postgresql_target
        type: postgresql
        database: database
        username: {{ env_var('PG_USER') }}
        password: {{ env_var('PG_PASSWORD') }}
        connection_pool_size: 2


Recommended environment variable use is covered in the targets overview.


Field Type Default Description
name string None The unique name of the object across the entire project.
host string None The host url of the database.
port integer None The port of the database.
database string None The database that the Visivo project will use in queries.
username string None Username for the database.
password string None Password corresponding to the username.
db_schema string None The schema that the Visivo project will use in queries.
type string None
connection_pool_size integer 1 The pool size that is used for this connection.