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Target Overview

Targets are data sources. They are databases that contain your data. There is specific documentation on how to connect to a variety of databases in the Configuration documentation, this page describes some best practices how how to set them up.


An example of a target might be the database that your application runs on. We recommend that you think of a target in your project by the what it is used for and not by its environment.

For example lets say you have an application that stores its data in a PostgreSQL database call app_db and runs locally, in staging, and in production. This means you have three separate databases, but they all used to run your application, so that is a single target. The following might be how you set that up in your project:

  - name: domain_target
    database: app_db
    type: postgresql
    username:  {{ env_var('APP_DATABASE_USERNAME') }} 
    password:  {{ env_var('APP_DATABASE_USERNAME') }} 

This structure then allows you to set your username and password per environment to connect to that environment's app_db. The env_var use isn't limited to the username and password, your database name or any other property may also be environment specific.