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Visivo collects all included yaml files and runs them through a Jinja2 templating engine on compile.

Jinja2 YAML files offer a powerful tool for generating dynamic configurations. By mastering loops, you can create flexible and maintainable configurations that adapt to different environments, data sets, and conditions. Explore further to unlock the full potential of Jinja2 in your projects.

Tips & Tricks

  • Maintain Readability: Use whitespace control({%- and -%}) to manage the output of rendered files.
  • Leverage Filters and Tests: Jinja2 offers a wide range of filters and tests that can be used within loops to filter, sort, or test conditions.
  • Debugging: Use the debug template tag to print variables and structures during template rendering.

Further Reading

For more detailed information on Jinja2 and YAML, visit the Jinja2 Documentation and the YAML Spec.