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Including Other Files and Projects

Local Files

A good organizational tool is to break your project.visivo.yml into multiple local files based on organizational needs. An example of this would be to put all your models in one file and reference that file like:

  - path: models.yml

You may wish to organization it along a different axis, for example one file per dashboard like:

  - path: finance_dashboard.yml
  - path: operation_dashboard.yml

Use whatever system best matches your use case.

Your includes can include other includes, allowing for nesting. Be wise!

External Projects

One of the most powerful aspects of Visivo is the ability to include public GitHub repos that contain Visivo dashboards in your project. This gives everyone to share a useful dashboard that they may have.

We have published a series of projects that allow you to quickly build dashboards based on some popular tools.

Those are tagged in GitHub here. You can also build and share your own under the same visivo-dashboard topic in GitHub.

Here is an example on how to include our dashboard that provides insights into your repositories' pull requests:

  - path: visivo-io/github-dashboard.git@main

Once it is included then you can reference the traces and charts like you would if they were in your project like:

  - name: Github Metrics
      - height: medium
          - width: 1
              name: Pull Requests by Repository
                - ref(Pull Request by Repository)
                title: "Pull Request by Repository"