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Dashboards are grids where you are able to organize and present charts, tables and markdown.

The grid is build from Rows that can house 1 to n Items. Items wrap around your charts, tables or markdown and allow you to control the width of your columns within the Row. Here's an example of a dashboard configuration:

  - name: any-name-you-want  #unique name of your dashboard
      - height: medium
          - width: 2  #widths are evaluated relative to other items in the row
            table: ref(a-table-name)
          - width 1  #this chart will be 1/3 of the row
            chart: ref(a-chart-name)
      - height: small
          - width: 1
            markdown: "# Some inline **markdown**"
          - width: 1
            chart: ref(another-chart)
          - width: 2
            chart: ref(a-third-chart)


Field Type Default Description
name string None The unique name of the object across the entire project.
rows Array of Row [] A list of Row objects